April 22, 2009

Chok Dee Thai Restaurant @ Burma Road

PChoon was extremely sweet to take me out for a nice lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon in commemeration of my new job...

We settled for Chok Dee Thai for the good sake of trying out this place (since we're both pretty 'passionate' about Thai food)

Chok Dee Thai restaurant is housed in a moderately small establishment, but they put in a lot of good effort in their deco no less..

From the exterior...

To the interior...

Makes me feel like having Fine Dining ala Thai :)

Since PChoon is the expert, I let her 'zha feet' (take conrol of) our orders..

Our drinks - Thai honey green tea - home made (RM 3.50)

We didn't really taste any green tea to it if I recalled correctly....

Appetizer - Miang Khum (S - RM13)

This is an authentic Thai appetizer consisting of leaves, dried shrimps, peanuts, etc in special Thai sauce (My first in trying this btw)

PChoon demonstrates how to enjoy this delicacy...

Tom Yam Seafood [red soup] (S - RM 20)

Tom Yam is our all-time favourite so much so that we scrutinize and over-analyse it - conclusion : it's too
sour and not hot enough

Green Curry Chicken [keow wan gai] (S - RM 13)

This was pretty good with aromas of the various curry and basil leaves etc deeply infused into the curry and chicken... I'm always fond of Green Curry and this is worth trying. I normally don't eat eggplant but the flavor's so nice with the curry!

Deep Fried Kang Kung (S - RM 10)

Sad to say, the deep fried kangkung didn't really meet up to my personal expectations - as it was too 'scattered' and wasn't all that crunchy or 'solid'... and oh, to add to the disappointment - it tasted sweet too :S

Dessert - Tup Tim Krop (RM 4) [Waterchestnut and jackfruit served cold in coconut milk]

We were basically pretty much filled up to the max by the time our dessert was served and didn't fully enjoy this one - it was pretty standard and nothing to shout about

Judging by the total damage of our meal, it was definitely a "Fine Dining" genre of Thai food experience :P

Will probably visit again to sample other offerings (when I'm more loaded that is)


  1. Nice! I like the Miang Khum. :)

    Hey, I'll be in Penang during the long labor day weekend. I'll see you there k?

  2. Err... I was looking for the addy for this place. Is it in Penang?

  3. Huai Bin : haha thx for dropping by! Cool! Where will u be staying? Just let me know what you would like to do/eat :)

    Timothy : yeah this is in Penang :)
    Chok Dee Thai
    231-D, Jalan Burma 10350 Penang
    Tel : 04-2291492
    Closed on Mondays

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  5. Cheryl what time is the restaurant open?

  6. M-Knight : I'm not quite sure.. you might want to call them to find out 04-229 1492

  7. hey this restaurant used to be in island glades one, corner lot where now is a traffic-congestion-causing hawker food center. good to know that it still exists, just somewhere in burma rd. :)

  8. It seems like this restaurant has closed down few weeks ago. I am not sure if this is true. Can anyone confirm on this?

  9. I just took a look at Chok Dee Thai last Sunday and it is still OPEN :)