July 25, 2011

Dining on Super Star Libra

Some tempting photos to showcase the sumptuous culinary served on board of Star Cruise's Super Star Libra... PG > Krabi > Phuket > PG

Captions to be continued.....


  1. wow, all food look yummy and so many types of food! feel hungry already now :)

  2. 孤傲的王子 : Yes! And I skipped one breakfast in my photos, coz I was too hungry haha~
    choi yen : Yups! All meals are included on board - there are 4 meals daily provided - breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. The first day we board (Sunday) they were already serving afternoon tea :)

    ** I should START charging Star Cruise for my free advertising lolz**

  3. i am joining the cruise this coming Sunday. is it worth joining the optional shore excursion at Phuket and Krabi or should I just go on my own free and easy?

  4. Hi 'Anonymous', we actually joined the optional shore excursions, but if you are going in groups I'd recommend you source for the shore excursions once you touch down at the shores, coz it's less expensive that way as you get to share the costs via van and going on speedboats in group.

    One thing to note is, you will need to be back on board the cruise latest by the time they declare e.g. 9:00pm for Phuket. If you go for free and easy, just make sure you reach the cruise back way before the stipulated time. If you book excursions with Star Cruise, they will definitely wait for you until you come back to the cruise, just like for our case.

    Don't forget to bring proper shoes and attire for the Gala Dinner on the night when you are at Krabi, as there is a dress code for it. Do book which restaurant you would like to have the Gala Dinner once you check-in on Sunday. You can opt for Chinese course dinner at Ocean Palace or Western Fine Dining at Four Seasons.

  5. OMG it's so awesome! :D

    It makes me wanna go on a cruise again.

    Cruises are fun, it's so chill and you get to roam around the ship.

    See ya in Penang this weekend Cheryl!

  6. Hi Cheryl ,

    Is it worth the trip or book your own phuket trip is better ?

    Thanks for the review :)

  7. Hey Ian: If you have the intention to spend more time at Phuket then I'd suggest booking your own trip just to Phuket, if you intend to hop around Krabi and Phuket just for a bit of taste for both places then you can opt for the cruise since it has a bit of everything.

    Hope that helped!

  8. Hi Cheryl...
    Is it easy to get shore excursion on ourselves when we reach Phuket / Krabi? I'm cruising in mid-Nov, in a group of 7pax. So, I'm not too sure wheather to get the cruise package or source ourselves. Need to know if there are optional packages that can be easily found when we reach the port of Phuket and Krabi.
    Also, I understand that not all the restaurants foods are included in our package. We still need to pay for certain restaurants, right? Mind to share which are the restaurants that are included in our package? Thanks in advance!

  9. Shyyun : I wouldn't know how easy it is to get shore packages on your own as I took the ready packages by Star Cruise. You have more peace of mind knowing the cruise won't be leaving you behind in that case :)

    As for meals all 4 meals are inclusive but of course if you go on shore excursions you will eat lunch on your own expense, but most Star Cruise shore excursions are inclusive of lunch.

    I would definitely recommend you calling up or walk-in to their sales office to enquire more info, as they will be more than willing to explain all the details to you, just as they did for me.

  10. I am searching the info on Super Star Libra and found your blog, thanks for sharing :)

  11. is the food serve is buffet style???

  12. Thanks Grace :) glad to be of help
    Hi Anonymous, there are 4 restaurants in total if I'm not mistaken, most breakfasts are buffet style, first night dinner is buffet style but all other days' meals are mostly course dinner and best part is you get to choose which restaurant to have them :)

  13. hi cheryl 10x for the share..very informative.i ws just wondering, hw do v noe the dress code for gala dinner?