July 4, 2011

Marché Movenpick @ The Curve

It's been a while since I came back here and had a late lunch with hubby back in April.

It was pretty deserted by the time we came so the 'stalls' did not have any queues basically *whee* they were basically there to serve us :)

Very quickly, we ordered these and they filled us up pretty quickly! (that's the whole point of it since we were pretty food-deprived by 3pm!)

Sauteed Mushrooms

Both of us loved this! Hubby made a good choice even he didn't know what this was lol! The mushrooms were tasty and wasn't overly cooked.

Mixed Grill - Chicken, Lamb, Beef

This was not as superb as we hoped for it to be. The beef was especially rare and we had to request it to be re-grilled (if there ever was such a word). All the meat were plainly grilled and was not very tasty, maybe not well-marinated I suppose? The mashed potato side was delicious though

Bread and Butter Pudding

This favorite dessert of ours turn out to fare pretty well - last time, they used to let us drizzle our own custard sauce on it but nowadays they do it for us instead. I was afraid the staff might be stingy on this but it turned out that she was very generous (or maybe my eyes betrayed my craving) and literally flooded the pudding with the custard sauce! :D

Yeah you can't really make out what's beneath the sauce can you? Maybe this picture can help you?

..... Or, maybe not :P

Hubby had his O.J. (background) while I ordered my fave Banana and Strawberry Smoothie - Super nice smoothie indeed! Damn thick, just the way I like it~

In all, great concept but some of the food items may need some improving.

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  1. i like Mixed Grill - Chicken, Lamb, Beef
    it look super yummy!!!!