July 4, 2011

Nadeje Mille Crêpe from Malacca

Chanced upon Herrick's post on Nadeje and can't get the heavenly descriptions of their Mille Crêpe off my head!

My hubby was at Malacca and I was so touched that he brought back 2 slices of these delicate babies, all the way, just for me to indulge~~ *sweetness overloading*

Compared to
Humble Beginnings, I definitely agree with Herrick's statement of "若我不曾吃过Nadeje,我会一口咬定它是好吃的。然而,相较之下,个人觉得它明显逊色了。" The translation of that would be : If I never tried Nadeje before, I would unarguably claim that it is tasty. However, in comparison of the 2 (Humble Beginnings and Nadeje), I personally think it (Humble Beginnings) definitely paled compared to Nadeje.

Nadeje's creations were elegant, just like works of art - each of the pieces were intricately wrapped in the foils to ensure they don't stick to each other when placed inside the boxes; customers can easily take the cakes out for enjoyment - how thoughtful! Next came the handicraft of the Mille Crêpe itself - the layers were very clear and detailed, each layer was flavorful, they did not fall apart easily and was just sheer pleasure to indulge! (YES - all that after more than 6 hours of road journey!)

Hubby's favorite Rum & Raisin Flavor

Another of his favorite Green Tea Flavor

I would really want to visit their HQ - Nadeje Patisserie at Plaza Mahkota.... anybody wanna offer me a return trip there?

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