March 6, 2010

Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room @ Queensbay Mall

As an outcome from my fellow co-workers' good 'training', I've now grown very accustomed to indulging in 'better' lunches on working Public Holidays :)

On a recent PH, we chanced upon the opening of the much awaited Xian Ding Wei at Queensbay Mall and we checked it out!

Xian Ding Wei is yet another Taiwanese cuisine chain restaurant and this is the first one that landed in Penang.

The interior deco reminds me a lot of Canton-i, except that they have a lot more varieties in terms of table arrangements, and I felt cosy too:-

One thing Sha observed was that the folks working in the open kitchen was not wearing any mask covering their mouth, and some not even wearing hygiene hats:-

After flipping through the menu for quite some time, we all settled down with set meals (which was fairly pricey and did not come with drinks either)

I ordered a special drink called Vanilla with Longan and Sea Coconut (RM 6.90)

It was super rich and creamy.... which was how I liked it, BUT! Too bad that as soon as I hit the sea coconut, it immediately became waaaay too sweet as the sea coconut itself already came with syrup :( I could not finish this in the end

Michael ordered the Original Pearl Milk Tea (RM 4.90) which did not appear even after all our food were served, and it took many rounds of reminding before it finally arrived (-.-)"'

The rest of them had chinese tea (which was in fact Taiwanese tea actually according to Ann)

Moving on to our set lunch which comprises of:-

A soup of the day

a main course, 3 side dishes

and a choice of either white rice or braised pork rice:-

One plus point we observed was that each of the main dishes came with individual food warmers.

Sha had 3 Cup Chicken set (RM 18.90)

This tasted awesome with the gravy thick, fragrant and flavourful! Goes well with white rice too although all of us opted for the braised pork rice. Sha liked it as well :)

Ann ordered Fish with Tomato and Egg Set (RM 18.90)

This is a pretty appetizing combination as it resembles baked beans with egg in tomato sauce - nonetheless, I felt that the gravy was a bit too thick and sweet

Next up - Lye and Michael's Sweet & Sour Pork Set came (RM 17.90)

This is the least tasty of all according to them (and myself) - the pork was too hard, not flavourful enough, and the gravy could barely be seen too.

Last but not least, my Dry Shrimp Set (RM 19.90) :-

The presentation alone already caught many curious stares from neighbouring tables, some even from afar, I personally was impressed too! :D

Check out the standing prawns! Yep - it doesn't take a math genius to figure out that's 2 prawns in total

The prawns were kinda like tempuras - deep-fried to perfection, and the sauce that complemented it was slightly sweet and spicy - made up of minced meat, chilli, mushroom, etc. Goes well with rice definitely.

There was one thing we all agreed was that the braised pork rice was really good - it looked simple and plain but it was very fragrant and definitely a must-try!

While standing around waiting for our bill which never came, we saw all these fire extinguishers lying around... Sha commented that they purposely placed them there as a way of camouflage

Well, we spotted them anyway :P

All in all, service could definitely use a lot of improvement. Still worth a try (maybe a few months later)


  1. haha.. camouflage the fire extinguishers with the red background.. funny! =P

  2. I was there for lunch last Sunday. The service is pretty poor, with piss-poor waiters and the food quality is only serviceable at best.

    I thought it was kinda pricey for the type of food served, and there is certainly no incentive for me to make a return visit

  3. I was there a few days ago and had Fish with Tomato and Egg Set. Hmm...not very keen to return.

  4. I had a dinner there last week, the 3-cup chicken was terribly sweet, the Cod fish is not fresh, it's possible that they keeping in the freezer for too long... and it's overpriced. service were fine, (we have noticed there is 4 waitress is cleaning a little table...) I would give
    3/10 taste
    6/10 service

  5. I just visit there with three of my colleagues. The food there is OK but the drink is terrible suck ... and it tasted like "shit" (台弯珍珠奶茶). We do complain to the waitress and let her to smell the taste...can clearly saw her face "twisted". Few minutes later, she came back and told us that the powder is exported from "Taiwan" ... then end of story .... what a terrible explanation.