March 9, 2010

Updated : Germany Snacks

Thanks to the ever 'oo sim' siew moi moi, I get to receive some snacks which is air-flown all the way from Germany!

I haven't try them out yet but anything from overseas never fail to fascinate me :)

There's a bar of what seems to be Strawberry Chocolate,

a Mini Salami

**** Update : Had our salami with bread and cheese for breakfast last weekend... here's what it looks like inside:-

Description : It tastes super salty and it's kinda crunchy actually, but I still prefer the Chinese Lap Cheong (preserved meat)

And a Gingerbread cake :P


  1. Why yr cake or or one :S

  2. Haha.. the back not or or eh actually, it's just the surface or or nia ;)

  3. super salty and crunchy.. sounds interesting