December 28, 2009

Macau / Hong Kong trippie : Food Part I - Restaurante Galo

Our first stop for makan @ Day 1 Macau - we checked out a Portuguese Restaurant called Restaurante Galo - in mandarin it's called Rooster

We were seated upstairs and it was a pretty cosy set upindeed. It's evident that this place was carefully decorated to fit the theme and the name of the restaurant - Rooster; as there were close to 20 different varieties of roosters on the second floor alone..

The moment we were seated, the waitress poured us glasses of plain water from a big mineral water bottle.

After glancing through the menu for an extended period of time, we finally settled down with:-

Fried Clams in Portugese Style

Fried Pig Knuckle

Ox-Tail in Curry Sauce

Do remember how the food looks in the pictures though, because later on you will observe 'slight' differences with the ones actually arriving at our table :P

The waitress was pretty taken aback by the fact that this weird girl kept taking pictures not only of the surroundings, but on the food inside the menu as well, and she hurriedly collected back my menu like the very moment I laid it back down on the table lolz

Fried Clams in Portugese Style ($60)
Resemblence to picture : 90%

The fried clams were sort of like the 'Signature' dish around here as we saw almost every table ordering this (or maybe they saw us order it first ;)

The clams were fresh, they did not have any smell and the best part is, they were very fragrant with the garlic, herbs, wine, etc used and the sauce it was served with.. a very authentic and must try dish indeed! Best consumed hot from the kitchen :D

Fried Pig Knuckle ($60)
Resemblence to picture : 70%

At first few bites, the pork knuckle proved to be a disappointment due to the overwhelming smell of pig. The knuckle itself was pretty crunchy and the meat's tenderness just right, it's just that the smell was too overpowering until we could not finish the meat at all :( furthermore, hubby found a few strands of pig hair on the skin! *yikes* (observe pic below - middle part of the knuckle meat)

Obviously, the pork knuckle did not impress us at all

Ox-Tail in Curry Sauce ($60)
Resemblence to picture : 60%

The chunks of ox-tail were tender yet flavourful, and the curry was not very spicy too. A downside was that the curry sauce was too salty (even for a pretty tolerant person as I am). Another point to note was that the layer of oil on top of the curry sauce quickyly surfaced and we had to scoop them away to get to the curry sauce

We were pretty much filled up after such a heavy meal indeed, and hit the streets for some more Macau street food :P

More... up next!


  1. Hahahahaha! OMG I love your resemblence to picture thing. Can I steal it and credit you in a future post? :)

  2. Be my guest! It's not my trademark anyway :P I just thought I'd put the pixies I 'stole' to good use

  3. Haha! Okay, thanks for that. It SHOULD be a TM of yours. :)

  4. cool next time when i'm going to macau i will need to you write me an itinerary

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  8. cheapskate sneaker lover : actually we were only there for 2 days and got a half day tour, the rest we just roamed freely without any itinerary :P

    tiara home : Thanks so much for adding my blog link! But I normally add food blog links from my blog... but you have a nice blog too!

    Biometric time clock : WOW... I'm so flattered with your compliments - Thank You so much for the encouragement even when my latest post is such an old one! :( I MUST update it tomorrow!!! No more excuses

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