December 14, 2009

Re-post from MC's blog - Avoid Island Red Cafe!

As I promised to MC, this is the re-post of his visit to Island Red Cafe @ Gurney Tower so more people can be aware of what happened...

Perhaps it's karma, but after the awful experience at Hongkie/Boston the previous week, I found myself caught in an almost as bad lunch situation at Island Red Cafe in Gurney Tower. (Interestingly enough, Firefox threw a security notification when I tried to go to the site - click here to check out the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for this site).

As I was in the neighborhood over the past week for training, myself and a couple of friends and colleagues descended on the outlet for a quick lunch. Unfortunately quick would be the opposite of our dining experience.

We arrived at roughly 12:40pm or so, and between the three of us we ordered spring rolls, vegetarian spaghetti, chicken rice served with mushroom sauce, and nasi lemak. The spring rolls were intended as appetizer, but the nasi lemak was the first to arrive after roughly 20 minutes. 20 minutes was a long enough wait for a relatively simple dish (by restaurant standards), but it would be another 20 minutes of waiting before our spring rolls arrived, and another 15 minutes after that for the two remaining dishes to show up.

Throughout this time, we had complained to the waitress who was assigned to our table for updates on our food - but that did not help at all. It was absolutely bizarre that we had to wait an hour for our food to show up as the place was practically empty. Plus, it was very obvious that all the dishes were prepared with ingredients one would typically find in the frozen foods section in your local supermarket.

The customer service was absolutely atrocious, the food was passable at best, and they even had the gall to ask us to spread the news about the place and distribute a stack of flyers to friends and family. I did all of that of course - with a warning to everyone I know NEVER to visit this establishment.

Avoid at all cost!

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