August 11, 2009

Room Service @ Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles

Decided to post up some room service food I had for a change - for those who knew when these have dated back since - shhhh k? :P

Stayed at Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles and due to the lazy bum and 'kia si' nature I am, I used the room service so conveniently made available to us guests during my stay there.

The meals that I had..


Plain pancakes garnished with a strawberry, served with rolled up butter and maple syrup and a glass of iced water with a slice of lemon in it.

The pancakes were steaming hot but there were too many pieces of it, I couldn't finish it and it was too thick, too dry and no flavour unfortunately :(

I had to keep pouring the maple syrup to make it slightly not so dry and flavoured a bit.

On my way back, I stayed at the same hotel for 3 nights and used their room service again - but for my dinner instead.

I had a good 'ol burger on my touch down night:- It was chock full of ingredients like beef patty, bacon, 2 types of cheese, onion, with a side of salad.

The beauty of it lies in the fact that it was served with 3 cute mini bottles of Heinz sauces - ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard! (which I was very tempted to bag in my luggage mind you) oh, and it came complete with salad dressing and the usual iced water with a slice of lemon

The bacons were definitely too hard and the cheese were just too overwhelmingly much (if there's such a description) I think the salad were not too fresh as well, although the beef patty was pretty good, to say the least

It took me a lot of effort - far too much effort to 'try' to finish this beast - so I ended up having leftovers for breakfast the next morning. It was cold and all but at least I have something filled my stomach before heading out to play :)

Based on my 2 experiences of not being able to finish my meals, I decided to go for their kid's meal the second night :D So I ordered myself a kid's spaghetti meatball, a kid's hot dog and an apple juice (adult size :P )

When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find that the portion was just right for me :D (and again served with 3 mini bottles of Heinz sauces)

Though both the spaghetti looked very plain and unappealing, they tasted great!!

The spaghetti meatballs were full of tastily marinated meatballs, the spaghetti soft and the sauce was just a perfect complement. By the time I was done with my spaghetti, I was actually pretty full but I couldn't resist taking a bite of the hot dog while it's still hot and it tasted good too! Grilled just right. Because of this, I decided to keep it til the next morning for breakfast, to go with ketchup :D

One thing I liked was the pretty decent sized dessert made up of pineapple and 2 types of honeydew - probably for the sake of giving kids some fruit elements. The fruits were not very fresh though they were quite juicy.

Oh and I absolutely adored the huge kickass apple juice served too! It filled up the glass to its fullest! This is what I call value for money ok?

Overall I was the happiest when I had the kid's meal.. Maybe that goes on to prove that I'm just a kid at heart afterall eh? :P


  1. Welcome to my blog! Thanks for visiting - I just added you into my blog list :)

  2. What the? You're currently in LA again?

  3. Hahaa.. tempted to bag 'em (bottles of condiments) ??
    I would have dumped 'em into my bag immediately! ;p

  4. hehe their kids meal size is probably is our normal meal size.

  5. thenomadGourmand : Darn! I knew I should've done that! :)

    buzzingbee : No doubt huh? Seriously~ they're pretty big for Asian appetite