January 17, 2009

Swensen's @ Gurney Plaza new wing

I had limited impression on Swensen's especially as a restaurant as I only recall it to be a very nice Ice Cream Parlour back to the olden days when it was located at Mount Pleasure, and it used to be a luxury to splurge on Swensen's ice creams back then.

Since its appearance as a family restaurant at Queensbay Mall, I only dined once there and never set foot in any other ever since... until recently. They just didn't measure up to my expectations of having similarly good entrees or mains, apart from their unique ice cream parlour offerings

Went to Swensen's at Gurney Plaza with Ling on Monday during our window shopping trip, and the place was practically deserted!

Ling ordered a Chicken Spaghetti and a Mango Coffee, and since I couldn't make up my mind on what drinks to order, I went with the set lunch deal which the waiter suggested (with the Chicken Spaghetti order) - which I'd get a soup of the day and iced tea with additional RM 2.

Swensen's utilizes a basket filled with sets of cutleries and serviettes sufficient for the table, and this is where they will host the bill at the same time.

Our orders..

Ling's Mango Coffee (Espresso poured over mango ice-cream)

The waiter actually brought the ice cream tower and poured the hot Espresso over the tower in front of us prior to serving - neat :) and the whole combination of hot coffee and the sweet Mango ice cream is very tantalizing to our taste buds too!

Ling's Chicken Spaghetti

Ling said this is not-too-bad (but she wasn't overly impressed) - I shunned just by looking at it (*_*) "

Condiments that came with it.. cheese and chili flakes

Soup of the Day - Asparagus Soup (came with the set lunch)

Upon chowing down the first few spoonfuls (assuming that it was Mushroom soup), I was really suspicious whether has it gone bad or something as it tasted slightly sourish, hence I enquired the waiter what is the soup and he said Asparagus, and that's when I went "Ohhhh....." so That explained the sourish bit to it, but I've had better asparagus soups elsewhere, meh~

My Ice Tea (also came with the set)

Mediocre ice tea - they could've done much better than this

My Sourdough 49ers Beef

Which carries the description of : Thin beef slices braised in light teriyaki sauce and cheddar cheese sandwiched between sourdough football buns,served with U.S fries and coleslaw.

I gotta say both Ling and I were pretty amused by the fact that the sourdough (the bread) is as hard as a rock with 'krak krak' sound when I tapped it with my knife, and that has got to be the biggest turn-off element ever!

And so I attempted to be positive and diverted my attention to the teriyaki-ed beef slices in hope that it'll salvage the whole meal itself, but was very disappointed to find that the beef slices were equally hard (yeah, with the 'krak krak' sound too unfortunately)

The fries were OK though, but I normally take fries as a snack when I'm not having any main courses so half of it were left untouched.

Our bill came to about RM 65 (if I'm not mistaken) but the food quality and portion are just not measuring up to that price tag.

I must say, after all this while of not even considering to dine at Swensen's since my last visit, I am very disappointed that their scoreboard rating in my mind had dropped yet again from their low last time.

Well one thing's for sure, I know the next time I'm gonna set foot in Swensen's again is when I'm craving for some ice cream concoctions, and nothing else.


  1. Ling's spaghetti really does not look good..see liao also bo lalu

  2. Yea.. like totally, but she said it's not too bad ;)