January 9, 2009

Buy 1 Free 1 @ Starbucks- New World Park

Had an afternoon 'yam cha' session with DC on the eve of new year 2009 @ New World Park's Starbucks, and delighted to find out they were having Buy 1 Free 1 Mocha Frappuccinos!

I guess it's pretty bad that this promotion wasn't really publicised well enough, as no one knew about this until the barista actually told us about it, AFTER we ordered our Frappucinos.

The promotion was on for the 2 drinks of Dark Cherry Mocha Frappucino and Toffee Nut Latte only. And my guess was that these were the X'mas/New Year offerings, and it happened so that both of us wanted the same Mocha Fraps

And so DC only paid for 1 drink only! And mine was free :D Thanks DC anyway for belanja-ing

Our Dark Cherry Mocha

...... which should've come without the whipped creams as ordered, but wth, it's the end of year 2008! Let's get fat! (can't believe I just said that)

It tasted surprisingly good! (For something that's buy 1 free 1 that is) The weather outside was pretty breezy, and the drink just compliments it nicely (what an excuse to splurge on Starbucks)

This was actually my first time patronizing Starbucks at New World Park and it's a pretty cosy place I'd say, and will definitely visit again...... eventhough they screwed up our whipped creams :P


  1. i love starbucks coffee. I wanna try their Dark Cherry Mocha Frappucino :)

  2. Haha, glad you found it appealing - better head down to Starbucks fast as I'm not sure if these drinks are still being offered or not :P

  3. Yesterday I went to try their new Cai Tea Latte. The barista also didn't mention got this promotion. =.="

  4. Well, let's hope the reason they didn't mention is because the drinks are no longer being offered :) and NOT because they 'forgot' to publicise it