January 20, 2009

MOF @ Pavillion

Whenever I walk past Ministry of Food (MoF), I'm always in awe and practically drooling at the ice cream and dessert selections on display.....

And then comes my bf would always nudge me to walk faster and head to Food Republic (when actual fact he's trying to divert my attention away)

During my last trip to KL, I decided to finally try out MoF's dessert selection, and it was an eye-opener indeed!

Some introduction to MoF - it originates from Singapore boasting a wide selection of authentic Japanese food and appetizing desserts; however, this outlet only offers the dessert range

Firstly, at every table there is a piece of order sheet and a pencil to write down your orders with - well this is not something new as many places have also adapted to this DIY ordering style

Secondly, once you are done with the menu and ticking the orders on the order sheet, you need to head to the counter and queue up for the food - that's right, this ain't Kim Gary or Old Town where attendants come by and collect the order sheet and put in the order for you

Thirdly, you must pay up the moment your order is placed, and then sit back down at your table to wait for your orders to arrive - now this, to me, is a first coz I don't recall having ever have to pay for any food or drinks
before they're being served?!

Anyway, as we were pretty full with our lunches, we ordered a dessert and a shake for sharing:-

Macha Zen (RM 12.50)

A concoction made up of red bean paste topped with Hokkaido Green Tea ice cream and 5 Japanese glutinous balls

Verdict : the red bean paste was waaaaaaay too sweet; the green tea ice cream a bit too coarse for my liking, but very flavorful indeed; and the glutinous balls were nothing to shout about.

After waiting for quite a long time, the
Sesame Shake came (RM 11)

This is the thickened version of a milk shake - made of black sesame sauce blended with their home made soft serve

Verdict : it's pretty annoying to have the sesame seeds getting in the way of the milk shake's smoothness (or maybe we just ordered the wrong milk shake :P ) and so both of us didn't really enjoyed it at all - apart from the soft serve itself

Though this place doesn't charge service charge, I felt it to be overpriced, since what we had wasn't really that out-of-this-world-ly tasty nor unique, but who knows? I may come back to sample some other desserts when I'm more loaded I guess, heh!

What do others think about MoF?

Motormouth from Ipoh


  1. $12.50 for that bowl of thing? Isn't that kinda overpriced? si peh expensive

  2. they employed a very good marketing strategy.. by lining up their desserts at their restaurant for people to see.. I have to admit I was really tempted to try.. agree with the expensive price too

  3. Hmm... agree~ very good strategy indeed, at least it tempted me :P