January 20, 2009

The Sire Museum Restaurant @ King's Street

Hidden within a row of shop houses along King Street is one of Penang's landmark to remember - the first house of the late tycoon Yeap Chor Ee - which has now been tastefully decorated to house his antique collections, and open for public to visit and dining at the restaurant as well.

After reading a couple of reviews on The Sire since it first opened its doors back in June 2008, I was fascinated by the richness of its historical values and the entire concept behind this museum and dining establishment that
Dato' Seri Stephen Yeap realized to commemorate his grandfather Yeap Chor Ee.

Honestly I never heard of this place before stumbling upon one of my friend Adele's facebook photos of one of her food journeys, and find it very shameful that one can stay in Penang and not heard of this finely decorated restaurant at all!

And after sharing this with DC, she decided to treat CC and myself for her birthday celebration *thanks DC!*

We went there for dinner, and were seated in one of the tables at the front section near to the entrance, as all the tables within the inner sections of the restaurant were already full.

Being a first-timer, we didn't know what to expect, or what to order.
After browsing through the menu over and over again, we were pretty ready to order hence signaled the waitress over; ordered a Baked Cheese on Smoked Salmon Sandwich, a Seafood Spaghetti and a Cheese Cake for dessert.

Knowing how a fries lover CC is, DC asked the waitress if there are any main courses that comes with fries as sides? And the waitress just shook her head and asked if we wanted to order a separate serving of fries instead. So DC went '
cin cai (whatever) -lah' and added it onto our list of orders.

DC always liked the idea of ordering different types of food and share amongst each other so everyone could sample everything, hence the reason for 2 mains, 1 side and 1 dessert - and we're not complaining at all! :D

The fine and artistic interior and table decorations..

Each meal comes with a complimentary Garlic Bread

Baked Cheese on Smoked Salmon Sandwich

All 3 of us looked at each other one kind when this came - not because we've never seen a smoked salmon sandwich before, but the portion of the fries that came with it! And what did the waitress say when DC asked if any mains came with fries? *head shaking* they should hire waiters/waitresses who at least understands and speaks English IOHO (in our humble opinions) :P

I always have a soft spot for smoked salmon and this one's pretty good - the fries were snapped up pretty quickly - not just by CC, but all of us as well! :P

Seafood Spaghetti

This was another nicely done main - the sauce was not overly creamy, the seafood fresh and came in varieties of prawns, fish, squid, and it's just right for our cosy birthday celebration over non-sensical chats *grin*

Cheese Cake

One of DC's favourite is cheese cake so we shared one for dessert - what a delightfully decorated dessert it was! All of us were gleaming with excitement when this was served :D

(And yea we shared the sorbet ice cream and all the other edible garnishes that came with the cake as well - as DC always says "Sharing is Caring" hehe)

Cam whoring time!

The Sire is located along King Street (opposite the new Great Eastern building and across the road from Dewan Sri Pinang)

The ambience is really nice and I've been wanting to bring KW here for a long time now but still haven't got the chance :(

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