December 27, 2008

My affairs... with Penang Hawker Food~

Alright.. So I've blogged a teeeneee bit too much bout KL food so far and Cody started to question how come I don't blog more on Penang food since I'm a Penangite? To do some justice to myself and also to prove that I'm indeed THE Penang Makan Queen, I shall introduce a variety of hawker food and makan places in a go!

New World Park

We had an early brunch so we went for some afternoon tea - Penang style at New World Park food court..

We ordered Or Kueh (yam cake) (RM 2.00) and chee cheong fun (RM 1.80)

This is one nice Or Kueh, soft and both the chilli and sweet sauce compliments the kueh perfectly! And I must mention the dried shrimps... it's super crunchy and I whallop-ed all of 'em! *-)

This was the stall we ordered from, and it's famous for its Bak Chang (Pork Dumpling) as well:-

We also ordered Cucur Udang (RM 2.40) but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the Cucur Udang coz waited too long for it and I straight away got my hands on it :P

See this post for Cucur Udang pic

Freakin' good stuff~~! and I meant all of 'em!

If you are looking for good char kuey teow in the afternoon at New World Park, please do not get duped with many 'fakes' within the vicinity of the food court (there are altogether 3 stalls of char kuey teow here), this is the 'genuine' one
(beside the fried oyster stall) since the days where all the hawkers were just by the roadside of Swatow Lane :-

See this post for Char Kuey Teow pics

Koay Teow Th'ng @ Kimberley Street

We then had a late dinner at Kimberley Street's Kuey Teow Th'ng stall.. and were delighted to find a mobile Yong Tau Fu motorbike selling there as well :D

So we quickly found ourselves a table and ordered Yong Tau Fu, Kuey Teow Th'ng and Chicken Feet!

Yong Tau Fu (RM 5)

Check out the fried garlic onion generously scattered on top of the yong tau fus!! Yummmmyyy~!

Despite having to wait for the busy hawker to bring us the soup, we enjoyed every piece of yong tau fu there is together with the chilli and sweet sauce

I hafta tell ya, the mobile Yong Tau Fu is famous for 2 things :

1. Its nice soup base and fish balls

2. Expensiveness

Move on to the Kuey Teow Th'ng (RM 2.50)

I love its smooth kuey teow, but forgot to ask KW to order kuey teow + mee for me..

Very flavorful and tender Chicken Legs (RM 3)

This goes perfectly well with chilli sauce provided

And we also had thong sui as dessert (the stall's right beside the Kuey Teow Th'ng's)

KW's Almond Soup (RM 1.40)

My Ginkgo and Dried Longan Thong Sui (RM 2)

Famous Ah Leng Char Kuey Teow

Being a huge sucker for char kuey teow, I don't simply take my char kuey teow anywhere... this has got to be among the top of my list as far as taste is concerned..

Ah Leng Char Kuey Teow used to be located near Lorong Kulit but have since moved to this location at Dato' Keramat Road (opposite Federal Place) since few years back.

This place is famous for 4 things:-

1. Mantis Prawn - you can opt to have your plate with Mantis Prawn if you like

2. Duck egg - you can also opt to have your plate with Duck's egg instead of the usual chicken egg

3. Huge Prawns - Ah Leng seems to be very particular with his huge prawns - he normally stir-fries them lightly first, line them up nicely on a big tray for use when he fries his Kuey Teow later.. the prawns themselves are therefore very flavorful because of this.

4. The LOOOOOONG wait time - Like any other famous hawkers, Ah Leng takes his time to fry his kuey teow - not sure whether is it to live up to the 'standard' of it; to ensure consistency in his wait time over the years, or he just wants to make sure every plate of his Char Kuey Teow is every bit as good quality.

So KW wanted me to convey this to anyone who wants to sample Ah Leng's Char Kuey Teow : please make sure you have plenty of PATIENCE as the wait time can be pretty long. For the records, we waited appx. 20 minutes for ours this morning :P (KW added that he waited for his for 30 minutes)

I always liked my Char Kuey Teow without eggs, no cockles and no turnips - coz I somehow felt that adding eggs seem to spoil the whole texture of the char kuey teow (check out the huge prawns)

My plate cost RM 4

KW, on the other hand, likes his the 'standard' style - with eggs and cockles (see how's it's mushy and all? :P)

KW's cost RM 5

In all, it's a pretty steep price to pay, but nevertheless, we don't mind paying a bit more for a plate of good 'ol Char Kuey Teow, which not only is Penang's pride, it is also my favourite food

Rojak (local mixed fruits 'salad') take-away from Swatow Lane coffee shop

This is from the famous Rojak stall within a coffee shop along Swatow Lane, and we bought it yesterday, chucked it in the fridge and only had it today:-

Rojak pack (RM 4)

top : the Rojak paste; bottom : the Rojak ingredients

First, pour the ingredients into a plate

Next, check out the famous Rojak paste - only available from this stall - the uniqueness lies in the malt sugar thick liquid used to make it, and it is layered with a generous amount of peanut crumbs on top...

Its GooooOooeeyyyy-ness...

After that, dig out whole chunks of rojak paste and let it sit on top of the ingredients for further mixing...

The Rojak ingredients consist of red guava, bangkuang (sweet turnip), raw mangoes, cucumber, cuttlefish and pineapple

Start eating!

Red Guava..


Bangkuang (sweet turnip)

Rojak makes a marvellous dessert indeed!

And..... I can't say this enough : PENANG FOOD ROCKS ANYTIME~!! :D


  1. Char kueh tiaw without egg and cockles? How can? Not authentic Penang anymore if like that. :)

  2. i

    mannnn...even the rojak sauce u can pose until it is like argh! i have to go back.

  3. I don't like the food in New World Park. Not very tasty (the hokkien mee there is waaaay too salty) and reminds me of KL hawker food.

  4. Huai Bin : I've always liked mine minus the egg and cockles hehe... but still I think the authenticity doesn't necessarily lie in the 'egg' though! :P

    SMM : Don't die ok... else you won't be able to make it back to makan d! :D

    munchoong : come on... A lot of New World Park food is freakin' good k... Char Kuey Teow, Curry Mee, Bak Chang, Or Kueh, Cucur Udang, Chee Cheong Fun, Ice Kacang... only one Hokkien Mee you're shooting down the rest of the food.. how can?

  5. hi cheryl,

    thanks for dropping by my blog! :) oh yeah, penang food rocks anytime! can't beat the penang food~ about "apong guan", i totally forgotten where his stall located, as a friend of mine brought us there. i am totally clueless... sorry!


  6. Mei Wah : I love both writing and reading food blog so the pleasure is mine :D

    I was trying to share more pointers for the benefit of everyone as to where Apong Guan is located especially if they needed to find it themselves.. but since you've got a very good guide Akira, I guess you don't really need to know heh!

  7. But their char koay teow, cucur udang, and teppanyaki are equally bad too! :-(

  8. huhuh.....char koew tiau look so yummy....