December 22, 2008

Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant @ First World Hotel, Genting Highlands

Went Genting Highlands with KW a couple of months ago and being 'casual' gamblers as usual, we played a fair bit and it was coincidentally almost dinner time when KW's luck striked, so he decided to treat me to Ah Yat Abalone (before the probability of contributing the $ back to Uncle Lim's son anyways!)

It has always been our 'goal' to dine at Ah Yat Abalone whenever we set foot in Genting, and we were thrilled to finally realise it! :D

The exterior...

Very refined deco of flowers in glass encasing..


Our table setting.. with chopstick stand adorning Ah Yat Abalone's name

Hand towels..

We ordered juices (L-R) Orange and Honey Dew

And we were provided chilli paste and salted peanuts as well

After checking out its Abalone set and the menus and the waitress' recommendation, we decided to order 1 Abalone set (RM 99++) together with other dishes consisting of : Ee Fu noodle with crab meat and Chinese spinach in superior stock

The Abalone set is made up of:

1. Shark's Fin Soup

The best of all the dishes - the stock was flavorful and braised to perfection - very generous amount of shark's fin - we gulped down til the last drop!

2. Goose Web and Abalone

This was our first time sampling goose web - it's very similar to chicken feet, but slightly longer and more tender.
The Abalone was way too small to tell if it's a good abalone or otherwise :|
But we lurvveeeed the sauce though!

3. Bacon wrapped in Yam

Quite hard and served pretty cold - nothing to write home about

4. Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf

The only upside of this is the big portion of it, other than that, it tasted just like any other glutinous rice

5. Bird's Nest Egg Tart

We felt kinda duped when this was served - not only the size of this is ridiculously small - about 50 cents' coin only; the so-called bird's nest was scattered in a thin layer on top of the egg tart only!

6. Almond Thong Sui (soup)

A very normal almond soup you can get anywhere, nothing fabulous

The side dishes..

Chinese Spinach in Superior Stock

The spinach was a bit too hard to my liking.. as though not well cooked enough. I usually like this dish where the spinach is pretty soft, so that it goes well with the superior stock. The superior stock was pretty good however.

But I forgot to take a picture of the Ee Fu Noodles with crab meat (too busy sampling all the goodies! ^.^ )

The Ee Fu noodles with crab meat was full of crab meat and the noodles were pretty springy - I liked it

The bill came up to about RM 203+, quite pricey judging by the portion of most of the items in the Abalone set

In all, we were pretty impressed with the Shark's Fin soup but the rest of the dishes in the Abalone set were way too small, given the price - namely the Abalone and Bird's Nest Egg Tart.

The waitress did recommend that we 'upgrade' the abalone to a slightly 'superior' Mexico abalone for about RM 35+ (I think) but we declined - with hindsight, we wouldn't have 'upgraded' anyways since the set itself was pretty pricey already

Another point to mention was the other dishes that we ordered - the portions were way too big! We were struggling to finish the Chinese Spinach and Ee Fu noodles...
If given smaller portions, we would have been able to enjoy them better as they tasted pretty good.

When we enquired one of the waitress as to why the portions were so big when we have asked for the smallest, we were told that those are the smallest portion already, so KW sarcastically told the waitress that no one can come in and dine alone in this restaurant then? Since the portions are 'fixed' to be so huge?

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant - a place we would most probably dine in if Uncle Lim's son were to shed some generosity at the gaming tables for us :P


  1. OMG! It's nice. I would go for special occasions. I'm a big sucker for abalone. :)

  2. It's freakin' small though - but you can always opt for the upgrade - i'm sure you wouldn't mind parting with some $ to enjoy this delicacy with your gf on special occasions :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. RM99+ seems pretty steep.. but at least you tried before, gotta love the sharks fin soup omg. I think there's another type of set meal being offered at Avenue K's Ah Yat. Always see it on newspaper for RM49++

  4. The only time RM 99+ doesn't seem to be steep is when we win at the tables I guess! :P will check out the one @ Avenue K and compare, thanks for sharing!

  5. Seems like they had cut down the amt of the shark's fin, just went there with my family recently, we ordered 4 sets of the RM99++, but the portion of shark's fin is very miserable.
    The abalone is really small too, don't think it's really 4 head abalone.
    Overall experience not that great, don't think it's worth to go again.