December 21, 2008

Dynasty Dragon @ Berjaya Times Square KL

Dynasty Dragon is actually a seafood restaurant but it serves dim sum too even through lunch time, and one thing we really liked about their dim sums is that they are made to order and not made ahead then steamed and kept warm for patrons to choose from, very different from most dim sum outlets.

We sampled their dim sum once when they were luring us in with 20% discount promotion on dim sums, and went back again for brunch during my recent trip.

The interior..

The table setting.. with sweet cause and spicy chilli sauce

Hand towels..

We ordered fruit juice instead of chinese tea.. (L-R) Papaya milk and watermelon.

And because I kept telling my bf that I'm hungry and each of us kept pointing at the menu... we ended up ordering too much! :S

We had....

Shrimp chee cheong fun (steamed rice roll with
shrimp filling)

This is always on our must-order list.. served hot and the chilli with dried shrimp paste blends perfectly well

Century egg and lean meat porridge

The texture is not too rich nor thin, and the portion is just right for our sharing. Most century egg porridges do not come with lean meat as named, but they are pretty generous with the lean meat here :) the porridge itself is a bit bland but we can always opt to finetune it with soy sauce.

Siew mai (pork dumpling)

First impression we got was : wah, damn big siew mai! :D look at the size of it... not the average small-sized siew mai we always get.. chow down one of these and your stomach is like 20% full already

Har kao (shrimp dumpling)

The prawns are pretty big and fresh, but the skin is a tad too thick for our liking, and falls off easily from the filling.. portion-wise, it's similar to siew mai - BIG

Loh mai kai (chicken glutinous rice)

Normally I like my lor mai kai not too dry and also the glutinous rice itself must be fragrant and tangy, even the chicken, lap cheong and mushroom needs to be tasty. But this is too dry and a bit bland.

Wu Kok (Deep fried yam with pork filling)

This dish is perfect! The outer layer is very thin yet crispy, with the crust not too thick, and the filling piping hot! What a golden combination.. this has got to be the best wu kok I ever tasted so far

Lor pak kou (fried radish cake with dried shrimp)

lor pak kou is very very similar to our char kuey kak here in Penang so I thought they wouldn't do a better version compared to my hometown's, but it was surprisingly good!

Meng har kok (Deep fried prawn dumpling)

Not sure why KW still wanted to order the deep fried version when we already had har kao, but I just went with it (big mistake) - the crust is too thick hence the whole experience of eating it wasn't that good at all, despite me being a mayonnaise lover

In all, Dynasty Dragon's dim sum still comes recommended albeit some of its 'flaws' - simply because most of their dishes were pretty good, and most importantly, all of them are made to order!


  1. awesomely delicious! hope to try dimsum there one of these days. luv it!

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