September 6, 2011

Sanbanto Cafe @ SS2

After reading about the various good reviews of Sanbanto and knowing that they not only rear their own pigs, but they also serve mouth-watering Pork Ribs, among one of the many pork cuisines they could whip up.

Since I've known about the pork ribs, I've been dying to try out this place since then, and
Huai Bin was kind enough to even got a voucher from Milkadeal for their Double Cheeseburger so we can use it together while we're there!

So hubby and myself met up with Huai Bin and
Lainey to pig out~ :)

The SS2 outlet has limited seatings so it is highly recommended that you make reservations to enjoy all the piggy dishes.

By looking at the menu, there were so many dishes that caught our attention! But we only had 4 stomachs so we had to go with some of the more 'signature' ones

Pork Belly Salad
(RM 13)

The pork belly was bite size and super crunhcy! It had the right amount of fat yet you don't feel sick eating them in quantities of more than 1 :) Also, the honey mustard dressing goes surprisingly well with the pork belly too! The fact that it was served with plenty salad, cherry tomatoes and huge onion rings balanced out this dish quite well.

Next up - freshly made Cheese Baked Meat Balls (RM 10)

When this dish came, my saliva almost drooled out of my mouth! And it only took one bite of the meat ball that came with the cheesy gravy to melt me! They were heavenly good!!! I don't know how they do it, but the meatballs were very springy, did not exude any pork smell, the cheese gravy was not overly salty nor sticky, and everything just seemed to fall into place so nicely. Now why did I emphasize the 'freshly made' part? Simply because, we found out that these meat balls were literally made right on the spot in the cold room itself, located right the back of the outlet.

Next up was the Double Bacon and Cheese Burger (RM 33) which Huai Bin used the Milkadeal voucher to redeem

It was the most brilliant idea ever to have this burger cut into 4 portions for us, because the size was humongous! Bearing in mind that this was a double burger, meaning everything's doubled! From the flavorful pork patties, aromatic and crispy bacons, down to the cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. This was definitely a superior burger in terms of size and taste, no wonder it has made its light as an 'upgrade' from its current Bacon and Cheese Burger. The straight cut fries were fresh and not oily, and the salads refreshing too.

Last came the dish that I've been waiting for - BBQ Pork Ribs (RM 38)

The folks here at Sanbanto really knows how to make proper BBQ pork ribs alright - the ribs had a 'healthy' (read : unhealthy) portions of fat, paired with tender and succulent meat; all bar-be-qued with the flavorful BBQ sauce just nicely - charred slightly on the outer layer while maintaining the juiciness of the meat and fat within. Wonderful!

Check out the amount of food we had O_o

Later on, we moved on to boatHouse for a drinks session and here's one for the album - Huai Bin and Lainey - thanks for the company! It was great catching up with you guys in KL

Sanbanto will definitely be one of the places we'll be back for more oink oink delicacies!

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