September 6, 2011

Il Bacaro Venetian Restaurant @ Campbell House, Campbell Street

Peter brought me to this new restaurant along Campbell Street recently, and it is actually comprised of the hotel (Campbell House) on the upper floor, and its restaurant (Il Bacaro) on the ground floor, all within a restored pre-war architecture.

Il Bacaro, according to its website,
is based on a traditional Venetian back street tavern where people can enjoy authentic Italian dishes served in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The interesting interior and exterior of Campbell House, with a trishaw along the corridor and a Gong in sight along the staircase leading to the hotel.

Entrance to the restaurant

The place was basically filled up by the time we reached as early as 7:30pm and because we did not make a reservation, we waited a while to be seated but the service was attentive.

Noticed this refined-looking big-ass mirror just above where we were seated. Nice.

Their menu was basically a simple A4 paper but later on we were informed by the staff that the menu is changed on a regular basis e.g. weekly hence the reason.

My Iced Honey Lemon (RM 9) which was well made - not too sour and not too sweet.

Because the menu items were mostly in Italian, we asked the staff to roughly tell us what they were lol. And finally decided on...

Starter - Vongole Al Pepe (RM 12)

This is a clam dish which is surprisingly appetizing. The herbs and spices infused the clams well, and in turn the flavors of the clams enriched the soup as well. We almost lapped up all the soup! :)

Wild Rocket Salad

We were served this Wild Rocket Salad with balsamic vinegar along with our mains. Though simple, it complemented our carnivorous mains well, haha.

Grilled Manzo with Roast Potatoes & Rucola (Beef Tenderloin) (RM 65)

Peter normally goes for beef and he was ecstatic just by the bite of the roasted potatoes itself. I don't really believe how a roasted potato can be SO good so I tried some. It was really awesome stuff. The potatoes were bite size, flavorful and well roasted with the slightest crunchiness on the very edges. After sampling his beef, Peter couldn't stop reiterating how good the food here was that he kept repeating it again and again O_o

The shot taken by him. the inset on the bottom left corner was the piece of beef that he requested to have it re-cooked as it was too rare. They might have mis-communicated his medium as medium rare.

Slow Braised Lamb Shoulder served on Mash Potato (RM 40)

From the picture, one might not be able to make out how good this was, but boy, I never had such nice lamb! For one, it was really, really, really tender. It did not come with the slightest gamey smell whatsoever, and you just can't get enough of it. Unlike how we get filled really quickly with lamb meat, you don't feel it with this slow braised shoulder. The mash potato was another thing worth mentioning. It was heavenly good. Smooth, buttery, and I think they added some herbs or some interesting ingredients within that made it really unique from the ones we normally have.

As the food were good, we ordered one of their 3 dessert offering.

Torta Di Zabaglione (RM 15)

This was a pie-like dessert consisting of fruits as the fillings. The pie was not overly sweet and the sweetness simply came from the fruits. The top of the pie was lightly torched, giving it a caramelized layer but it was really light and gave it a good aromatic flavor. The pie crust was flaky too. What a nice dessert to end an equally satisfying meal, all thanks to Peter for bringing me here and for the treat as well!

The very helpful staff who took the effort in explaining the menu items to us shared with us that it is recommended to call for reservation or place order ahead so that we could be served quickly, as all of their culinary creations are freshly prepared by the kitchen, including all their breads, pastas, pizzas, desserts and so on.

Highly recommended from Peter and myself, definitely.

Il Bacaro
106 Lebuh Campbell
10100 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia

Tel : +604 261 8290

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