September 6, 2011

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant @ The Gardens

Went KL during the recent Raya/Merdeka holidays and hubby brought me to Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant, located on the 3rd floor of The Gardens, Mid Valley city.

Because it was the very first day of such a rare 3-day-long holiday, the place was basically packed with people and we took a number to wait for a table. We were, however, pretty surprised as the staff brought over a tray filled with small shots of refreshing beverage for the patrons who are waiting with numbers - nice touch!

You basically write down your orders using the stationery provided and the staff will come over to verify them once you are ready.

Hubby & I! :) Check out the massive number of people waiting for their tables! O_o

Banana Milk (RM 7.30)

The blend was relatively smooth but I was still able to find tiny bits of banana so we know it's made with real banana instead of banana essence. It was not too thick, overall not bad.

Fried Rice with White Wine (RM 12.80) 红糟炒饭

The portion was pretty big and both hubby and I find difficulty finishing it. But I can tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed this fried rice. It was very aromatic mainly because of the stir-fried onions within, and you can almost taste that each rice was covered with the flavor. Ample of prawns and chicken slices uncovered within too. What a good fried rice this was!

Next was my 3 Varity Supreme Diced Chicken (RM 19.80) 三杯鸡套餐

As this was a set dish, it comes with 3 dishes as well as a soup.

Normally what I observe with the side dishes from these so-called sets are that they are dishes which are very common and served in very tiny portions; and I reckon they are better off not serving them.

But all the 3 side dishes were unique, tasty, and came in reasonable portions.

The rice that came with this set was a default 鲁肉饭 - stewed minced pork rice. The stewed minced pork was flavored just right and complemented the white rice perfectly. Eventhough the rice was just a 'side' in this chicken set, it was not done hastily.

The main highlight of this set would definitely be the chicken - 三杯鸡. The portion was generous, the thigh chicken pieces were well-marinated, the sauce was wonderful, and I've always liked the Basil leaves added in this dish.

Just when we thought the goodness stops at the highlight, the soup proved not to disappoint as well. It was a boiled chicken with winter melon soup. The soup was sweet and I think I finished most of the soup.

Hubby was curious to try out the Taiwan Style Oyster with Egg (RM 13.80), which is something very popular in Penang - Fried Oyster.

But we were not fancy of this particular style :) The oysters were very fresh and huge, but there was actually cabbage (I think) that went into this dish as well. The sweet chilli sauce that went on top was weird too. We were fond of our very own Penang version more :)

In all, I would come back to sample more of what Fong Lye has to offer, as they definitely left good impression and way more superior compared to a similar chain - Xian Ding Wei.
Oh, one thing to note : this place runs on Cash Terms only. I wonder how big parties foot their bill then.

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant
Lot T208, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens, Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03- 2282 8699

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