April 22, 2009

Xuan Xin Restaurant @ Gurney New Wing

Had dinner with Ling, her hubby Suu, her youngest brother and her mom (basically her family laa) one fine Sunday @ Xuan Xin - Gurney Plaza New Wing

It was yet another first for me as I've never been to Xuan Xin Steamboat @ Tanjung Tokong nor this one either.

We were ushered to this window seat facing G Hotel and it was raining outside...

Ling pointed at the lighting above our table and told Suu that she wants this for their new home :P

The Big menu...

Table setting..


As all of us were 'pretty' hungry by the time we sat down, so we ordered 4 dishes for all 5 of us:-

First dish that came:-

Stewed Chicken Cube with Basil Leaf in Claypot (三杯鸡 - literally translated into '3 cup chicken') [RM 13.80]

This could very well be the best dish of all 4 as the chicken pieces were so tender, well marinated and flavourful, everyone just couldn't get enough of it! Especially the sauce.. MmMMmmmmMmmmmmm... goes so well with our steam rice

After a pretty long interval in between....

Stir-fried Pak Choy (小白菜) came [RM 9.80]

This was the vegie dish that Ling hand-picked - so so.. since nothing could really go wrong with a good 'ol stir fried vegetable dish!

........ And after yet another while more later..

Braised Bean Curd with Minced Meat and Hot Bean Sauce (麻婆豆腐 - Ma Por Tofu) [RM 11.80]

This is a type of Szechuan dish.....How do I describe this? Sweet, sour, spicy all in one... the tofu was finely diced yet wasn't meshed or lost in bits and pieces amongst the ample minced meat.. this has got to be one of the best I had in Malaysia thus far... the gravy wasn't overly sticky nor diluted either.. triple thumbs-up!

Oh wait - did I just say that the chicken dish was my favourite? Hmm.. now I'm a bit torn....

Hell - I'm a sucker for
Ma Por Tofu anytime!

And, it gets sooooo much better after this... the FINALE dish came (after what seemed like a FOREVER wait!)

Steamed Red Lion Fish (红狮) in Sweet Beanpaste Sauce [RM 41.25]

The fish was pretty big and fulla meat enough to feed all of us, but the texture wasn't so nice. One thing to note is, the sweet beanpaste sauce was a very good blend

In all, the serve time was pretty long (maybe the Sunday dinner peak hour) and what I didn't particularly liked was the fact that each of the dishes were served in too long of a wait interval in between, which made all of us having to tuck in on the same dish and nearly finishing it before the next one came (definitely a big turn-off for me!)

The fish's wait time was definitely too outrageous.... And turned out it wasn't all that fabulous as well.

I do look forward to give Xuan Xin another chance - sampling it again during not-so-peak day/hours.. and I was told they have pretty good crab porridge too...... Slurp!


  1. Some nice photos . .
    Will be tempted to try it out next time I'm in Malaysia.

  2. Thx!! Do try some of these out if you happen to drop by Penang :)

  3. I gave it a second chance and it disappointed me again, saltiness remains the same.

  4. Me too!!!it s a big disappointment.Dun like it at all.