June 12, 2014

Pre Birthday Celebration Part I - Late Lunch @ WaterDrop Tea House

For my pre-birthday celebration late lunch, we drove round and round to so many cafes but in the end we drove to this area and I suggested this Vegetarian place to hubby.

Surprisingly, he is OK with vegetarian suggestion! He said, vegetarian is good since we're going to have a nice dinner later :)

Here's what we had.

Sesame Bao

Sesame Bao is WaterDrop Teahouse's signature and best-seller so it's a must-have, especially for hubby's first visit. He loves it! And of course, I love it too, as always. The sesame was generous and fragrant and the filling was tasty.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I'm a big fan of Vietnamese Spring Rolls but the pasar malam stall which used to sell this doesn't sell it anymore, so I ordered 2.

Being vegetarian, obviously there were no pork or chicken, but the rolls were made up of finely chopped carrot and cucumber, with a tiny strip of vegetarian 'ham' (I guess). What makes a Vietnamese spring roll stand out is always the sauce, and they make a spicy and flavorful one to go with their roll. It burst out in freshness when I bite on it and was appetizing indeed.

Hubby's Salted Fish Fried Rice

I have to mention that it took quite a long while for all of our food to be served, but after tasting them we know the wait was well worth it, because the food were all made to order - fresh, hot, and tasty too. Although the fried rice looks plain, the taste was fragrant, the 'salted fish' pieces were crispy in texture with the clever use of foo chok and seaweed. Hubby said not bad!

My Cheese Baked Spaghetti

This was their Sunday Special and not available on other days. I asked the guy which one is nicer - the spaghetti or cheese baked spaghetti? His answer made me order the Cheese Baked one - Spaghetti is pretty normal that we can get anywhere, but cheese baked spaghetti is quite special that is rarely available elsewhere.

This dish was the last to arrive - aptly too - as it is yummy. It looks colourfully appetizing enough and tasted great! The cheese-baked top was crunchy and fragrant, but the spaghetti was not too soft and chewy, all drenched inside the flavors of the spaghetti sauce, and filled with capsicum and bell peppers as well as 'minced meat'. One wouldn't have imagined a vegetarian cheese baked spaghetti dish to be so tasty.

It was truly a pleasant pre-birthday celebration indeed, with the company of my dearest hubby and great food! We had to drop little H to my mom's to spend some romantic and quiet time together but will definitely have another round with little H again (yay!)

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