June 12, 2014

Pre Birthday Celebration Part II - Dinner @ Feringghi Garden Restaurant

Oh wow, it's been such a loooooooooooong time since I ever updated my blog, and I really wanna make it a point to do this a habit! It is, afterall, my passion!!

Just celebrated my birthday few days ago, and had a nice late lunch followed by an equally pleasant dinner with hubby.

I'm going to share about my pleasant dinner first - it was at Feringghi Garden. Totally un-planned and ad hoc :) * I know, so Not me, right? haha *

We were lucky that we were there early approaching 7pm and managed to get an indoor table; considering there was a party going on within the vicinity.

This was my third visit here, after a gap of 2 years maybe? I still love the natural ambience created by the folks here, which obviously had been well-maintained. It is always so green and enchanting.

The service was very friendly and attentive too, here's what we had:-

Hubby's Lamb Chop (RM 39.80)

The delicacies here are well plated out and garnished. Many fear lamb dishes for their smell but I, for one, love lamb. Hubby carved some of his dish for me to sample, and it was not bad at all. The meat was nicely cooked - not too well done and still maintaining its tenderness. It had a fair share of fat along with the lean meat.

My Feringghi Garden's Signature Lobster (RM 82.80)

I actually eyed on the Black Cod first, until I saw that they had lobster. And of course, the picture they had in the menu did help me decide in going for lobster :)

The lobster was considered a good size, and it was Uber fresh hence extremely springy. It was so thoughtful of them to have scopped up the lobster meat so that it is not only easy for me to eat, but it is also flavored with the unique sauce they did this in - a combination of sweet/sour with a hint of spiciness. There were ample of cashew nuts that went into the sauce (and some for garnishing) too. This is definitely not the usual lobster concoction you'd normally get ala cheesy or buttery style. I have to admit, though odd, it tasted good! Hubby did not really fancy this type of sauce to prepare lobster in, but he agreed that the lobster was fresh and the meat was aplenty.

My drink - Premium Milkshake - Chocolate (RM 14.80)

I was surprised that hubby was the one who coaxed me to order my favourite drink - milkshake. I asked him why, he said they label it 'Premium' so it must be good. Haha! Well premium stuff comes with a premium price tag too hey, but what the heck! So I ordered chocolate one. It looks like a normal milkshake alright. But I guess the way they made it the type of milk used was what made it Premium? But it tasted good, chocolate flavor was fragrant yet not too sweet.

Our dessert - Creme Brulee (RM 14.80)

Anyone looking at this landing at their table will somehow be a bit impressed by its beautiful appearance and decoration. It made us wanna dig in immediately. We dug into the centerpiece not knowing what the bits and pieces were - and we couldn't really make out what the dark purple fruit was. The two whipped cream flowers were rock hard, most likely for deco purposes only.

The creme brulee itself was alright, I love the caramelized sugar on top, but the creme brulee itself was a tad too sweet to my liking, and it did not have much 'depth' with regards to its texture and flavor. As for the raspberry ice cream, it was normal and I don't really see the relationship between ice cream and creme brulee?

In all, we were happy with the service and food. I wouldn't mind coming back for their breakfast, maybe? :)

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