June 6, 2011

Chicago Rib House @ Gurney Plaza

Thanks to Tze Ling and Sean for jom-ing a table, Kel and myself had a pretty value-for-money meal here.

It was Chicago Rib House's Anniversary promotion where certain beer and meals were on 50% off and the half rack of pork ribs definitely was what brought us here.

Fried Mushroom (RM 10.90)

This was a unique appetizer indeed. But we couldn't really tell there were mushrooms within. They were light and crunchy though.

Black Catch of the day
(RM 18.90)

At 50% off, this was at RM 9.45 only. The fish meat itself was not black, only the marinated herbs and spices and the way it was prepared made the whole fish looked black. It was flavorful and grilled well but pretty salty to our liking.

St Louis Pork Ribs - Half Rack

At 50% off, these only cost us RM 15.45 each, and boy it was one value for money rib indeed! The ribs which were coated with original BBQ sauce were barbecue-d to perfection, with the surface crispy yet the meat within succulent and tender. The meat fell off the bone oh so easily and made it a sheer pleasure enjoying this dish!

Kel and I shared half of the ribs and fish so here's our combo meal :)

Tze Ling ordered a dessert to be shared with us too....

Brownie with Ice Cream

The brownie was warm and fairly rich in texture, and the ice cream was cold and melted immediately. This was not bad of a dessert at all, though the brownie can make do with much more chocolaty taste!

Overall I'd give a thumbs up to Chicago Rib House for their job well done, simply because the staff still strive to give good and attentive service despite the massive crowd build up owing to their tempting anniversary promotion. They even let patrons make table reservations and the quality of food were not compromised too! The staff still came over and asked how was the food eventhough the whole restaurant was packed with people.

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