June 6, 2011

The Apartment Downtown @ KLCC

Before I came back from KL, we had a late lunch at The Apartment after shopping in KLCC.

We only shared 2 dishes, namely...

Chilli Tomato Clams

Having tried this dish at The Curve before, we decided to order this again. Don't be fooled by the redness of the gravy, it was not really spicy at all. The clams were fresh, not overly cooked, and were juicy. Both the clams and the gravy sort of complemented each others' presence. The gravy was very flavorful - owing to the sweetness of the clams as well as its own ingredients, herbs and spices.

Bread that is served with the clams - it goes perfectly well to be dipped within the ample flavorful chilli tomato gravy of the clams.

Cod Fish with Aioli

This was an oven-baked fillet of cod with marinade of chilli, oregano & coriander, served with dill mash, snow peas & aioli. The slab of cod was real beefy indeed and well-marinated. The skin was still crunchy even though the cod meat was still succulent and smooth. The mash was smooth and not over-buttery, and is best consumed along with the snow peas.

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