June 6, 2011

Charlie Brown Cafe @ Straits Quay

Visited Charlie Brown's Cafe twice since its debut in Straits Quay - the first in Malaysia and I was very excited to check the place out and experience myself what the hype is all about.

The whole deco and fittings were one-of-its-kind to cater for a themed restaurant setting, with all the Charlie Brown characters adorning not only the walls, the ceilings, the lightings, pillars, window panes, and there were statues of different sizes deliberately located in between the tables - just so that the people are constantly surrounded by the characters!

My favourite character in Charlie Brown is Linus Van Pelt:-

His signature was none other than a "security blanket" which he drags along wherever he goes. But of course iIlike him because "despite his age, he can put life into perspective while sucking his thumb". Something I'm still not capable of doing, perhaps? ;-)

Anyway, back to the food.

During my first visit, we sampled a few drinks and 2 dishes, namely:-

Orange Juice / Dragon Fruit Juice / Chocolate Milkshake

Juices are at RM 10 if not mistaken, and my chocolate milkshake definitely cost more than that. The juices were just mediocre, and my milkshake was a sheer disappointment. It was very runny, did not have any chocolate aroma to it, and tasted just like
diluted HL chocolate milk.

Creamy Seafood Pasta (RM 15.80)

When this landed on our table, our eye brows were already raised because it did not look delicious. The terrible taste of the whole spaghetti really made finishing it an extremely difficult task - we just wanted to clear it for the sake of paying for it. Just how bad was this spaghetti? Imagine dry spaghetti noodles on the plate, with some starchy tasteless sauce with frozen prawns and squid; mushroom and few strips of red and green bell pepper poured on top of it. Worst spaghetti I had so far. Anyone could make spaghetti way better than this one. I don't think this even qualifies to be called spaghetti - it should be called tasteless Italian-noodle wannabe.

Charlie Brown 8" Chicken Pizza (RM 15.80)

Another very suspecting-looking dish. And I don't see how it measures up to 8" either. The crust was hard and dry, the tomato puree base paste tasted as though it came straight out of the can; and the ingredients that we managed to taste out were strips of bell pepper, diced pineapple, mushroom, and perhaps limited chicken strips? I can assure you that the taste was horrible! On top of that, the pizza was cold when it was served. Worst pizza I had in my life so far.

So there you go - 2 worst food recorded in my first visit to Charlie Brown Cafe - not bad at all.

We had a dessert and 2 drinks during my second visit with Kel and Yuet but I don't even want to start talking about it, coz the drinks and food are definitely overpriced. Pictures just for reference...

Caffee Mocha 12 oz. (RM 11)

Crepe + Ice Cream (RM 10.80)

Not sure why they left a huge empty area on the right......

..........so Kellin drew a Snoopy for us! :)

I certainly won't be back - well, unless I wake up one day and missed Linus.


  1. really wish can visit here, as i saw many friends go already :)
    the environtment is very beautiful!!!

  2. If only the external environment or branding is outstanding but not the overall f&B, I can only say, it won't survive for long if the business owner continues doing business in that way!