November 17, 2010

SIXTY9INE Mansion @ Batu Ferringhi

After what seemed like ages, finally managed to have dinner with Peter. Had a good 'sial!' remark from him coz I didn't suggest a good enough place to eat so he suggested 69 Mansion instead.

For a drinker like him, he'd only been to this place for none other than booz so it's his first time to try their restaurant out along with my very first visit to this much hyped about establishment.

We set out with a pouring rain welcome once again (what's new?). The rain just suddenly started and there was no turning back.

When we reached 69 the car park was pretty much deserted (it was pouring remember?) and I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when the high class attendant seated within the premises asked for an RM 5 car park fee!! WHAT A RIP OFF! We're dining here and we have to PAY to PARK?


In we went to our table and it was just beside the POS system - fine. The lightings were totally club lighting and the table settings were definitely not what I had expected them to be - so UN-refined.

Check out the surroundings... (since it was raining outside I couldn't take pictures outdoor)

The table cloth was not secured and it made food serving challenging as it kept moving around.

The chairs definitely look like they are meant for outdoors?

The candle. This is the worst part. They're nestled within a Tiger beer glass which is in turn settled upon a JTI ashtray (-_-)" - what a turn off!

Table setting:-

We took turns having 'challenges' with the damn knife coz of its odd-shaped handle - i dropped it on the floor once and he dropped it into his main course plate twice (!) Annoying.

Whatever. Anyway - we had...

Drinker's Tiger Beer

My Orange Juice (which comes with a Hennessey + Soda stirrer *d'uh*)

His Clam Chowder

He said this is not bad though I didn't try it myself as he didn't want to spread his flu

My Lobster Bisque

Did not like it as the seafood smell was too overpowering. Soup was not thick enough as well

Peter's Lamb Shank with Risotto

"Risotto should be very creamy and should not be cooked with normal rice - this looked and tasted too dry" - that was from the guru himself :P

Lamb shank's meat was too hard to his liking too, though I liked the tiny portion I took as a sample from the other end of the lamb shank - it was tender

Risotto guru's rating : 5 / 10

My 12" Honey Peking Duck Pizza

This was what Peter said his friend said was nice. Kena duped. It was just alright for me.

The pizza was just special in a sense that it's made with Peking duck as the main ingredient. Other than that, it's just normal pizza to me. The crust was so hard (I was told they made it themselves) that the odd-shaped knife had no chance of cutting through it. I tried and tried then gave up. Used my bare hands instead.

My rating for the pizza : less than 5/10. His rating : whatever my rating + 1 point when added with generous amounts of Tabasco - ha!

The total damage was about RM 124+ - definitely not worth it.

Been so long since we took a photo... Thanks~~

I must mention our negative experience here which drew a conclusion that the staff here were dishonest.

Peter left a souvenir that I gave him within a white paper bag on our table and he only recalled when we reached Island Plaza :(

So I called up 69 in hopes that they would still keep it. The man (who was the one serving us earlier on) said he would look for it and will give me a call back.

Few minutes later he called back and said it was nowhere to be found. And he even added that they checked the dustbin and asked every server - Nothing.

I was sad but immediately my sadness turned into rage. This simply proved that someone who cleared the table must've taken the white paper bag. The other patrons wouldn't be the ones who took it coz our table was the furthest from all the other tables and all the nearest tables surrounding us were empty when we left. Nobody would know the content unless they were to keep it first with the intention of finding out what's inside later and keep it for good.

I'm definitely not making any come backs here - for the simple reasons of
rip-off car park fee; dishonest staff and below-average food quality vs. the price

^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~

Went Tutti Frutti afterwhich for dessert:-

It's a flavored yoghurt D.I.Y. establishment and we made our yoghurts:-

His Strawberry yoghurt with strawberry + kiwi + grapes topping

My Vanilla yoghurt with kiwi + longan + mango topping

The D.I.Y yoghurts are charged by weight and ours came up to RM 31 for both (!) Fancy healthy stuff comes with a hefty price tag these days


  1. oh i didn't like the mansion as well!! horrible!!!

  2. Duckie : until now I never been there for food at all

    V-jazz : thanks so much for your support ya!