November 17, 2010

Serdang Fried Porridge @ Kedah

Pheng was nice enough to drive DC and myself together with a nice family who are close friend of theirs along a food trip to Kedah! We rode in style in a Civic :P

We left at about 5pm and it was a long drive indeed... But it was all worth it coz the food was really good!

We had...

Stir-fried Sweet and Sour Spicy Cockle (hum)

I never eat 'hum' because of the smell which I cannot tolerate but the moment I start tasting these, I couldn't stop myself as they didn't smell at all! The best thing was the taste was exactly like its name - sweet, sour and spicy, nothing less.

Mr. Lim and his family were so nice that they walked to Bie You Tian Restaurant and ta pao-ed Curry Wild Boar Meat (sua tu bak) for all of us to enjoy!

The wild boar meat was lean, not hard, and the curry tasted just the way I like it. This was just the perfect spicy dish to have around.

Steamed Fish 'teo chew' style

The fish was fresh, the teo chew soup sourish enough and was kept nice and hot til the very last drop

Stir-Fried Beansprout (taugeh)

Though this seems to be a simple dish, it was well prepared as the taugeh was crispy and not undercooked.

Assam Prawns

The assam prawns not only looked tempting, it tasted superb too! The prawns were so well marinated and bursting with strong assam flavour.

....and the center of attraction - none other than
Char Moay! (fried porridge)

The fried porridge was really fragrant, loaded with generous portions of ingredients and each mouthful of the porridge was bursting with flavors and texture all over - unforgettable!

Really my sincere THANKS to Mr. Lim his generosity in footing the bill for such an enjoyable and sumptuous meal with company of new and old friends!

Be prepared for a long drive from Penang island to get there:-

Restoran Sin Aik Kee
No 27 Jalan Tengah
09800 Serdang

Tel : 04 4077288

Business Hours : 4.30pm – 10.30pm

Closed on Monday & Tuesday

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