August 2, 2009

Gelatomio @ G Hotel

Ahhh... my favourite dessert.. ice cream!

Spotted a new 'stall' of gelato ice cream near Nando's side entrance lately and been wanting to try it out but no 'kaki' so finally had it last night with KW

It was a rainy day yesterday but nevertheless I was determined to have my dessert after a not-so-satisfying dinner @ Blue Reef prior (will post it later)

There is another shop nearby called Gelatissimo offering a variety of gelato ice cream as well but something kinda tells me that Gelatomio is nicer :) maybe because the last time we tried Gelatissimo at Mid Valley, it did not impress us that much

A total of 10 flavors are offered at Gelatomio but I'm not complaining as this is, afterall, a make-shift push cart 'stall' we're talking about.

Tiramisu *

Strawberry Yoghurt

Chocolate Marshmallow

Black Sesame
Rum & Raisin *

Kiwi Yoghurt

Soya Green Apple


Oreo & Cream


* flavours that contain liquor

We asked to sample the flavours and the attendant manning the stall was generous to give us pretty decent-sized ones too! After checking out a few, I decided to get a cone with a single scoop of Chocolate Marshmallow

This is how it looked like:

It's HUGE isn't it?? And I thanked the guy for being so generous! The chocolate was rich and creamy, and there were traces of marshmallows in it - the absolute marvelous dessert! :D

I asked the guy what's the difference between this stall and Gelatissimo - are they related whatsoever - apparently they offer gelato ice cream, but this stall is managed by G Hotel and the prices are all in nett.

At Gelatissimo, the price ranges about RM 8 ++

RM 7 nett was what we paid for this baby - and it's sooo worth it heh?

Gelatomio pricing:

Cup RM 6.50 nett
Cone RM 7.00 nett

Cup RM 10.00 nett
Cone RM 11.00 nett

Cup RM 14.00 nett
Cone RM 15.00 nett


  1. I had it once too! Sesame + Rum, double scoops in one cup..ended up my throat still got that taste for the whole night long! :)

  2. cariso : Wooo~ you had the 'wicked' combination of black and white huh? :P
    so is it a good thing that your throat still has the taste for the whole night?

  3. I was in doubt on which one to try when I was at Gurney the other day! Isn't it funny..fighting for business at almost the same spot. :)

  4. buzzingbee : yea true! I got pretty confused in the beginning that's why I chatted with the friendly fella at Gelatomio stall and found out that they're different :P