January 7, 2012

Agua Mediterranean Cuisine @ Straits Quay for NYE

Hubby and I spent the last dinner for 2011 right here at Straits Quay, sampling the special X'mas/New Year Eve dinner menu of what Agua had to offer over. It was my second visit to Agua but the first for hubby. I will blog about my first visit separately as it was worthwhile mentioning.

I made a reservation ahead and was pleasantly welcomed with a fairly private table just for the 2 of us tucked in an inner corner of their establishment.

Having glanced through their menu prior, I have pretty much decided what I wanted to order for the main course but since Agua offered
À la carte, hubby opted to order off the À la carte menu instead; and we'd share the starter and the dessert from my dinner set.

What was offered in their special dinner menu:-

In the end, I settled for Spanish Chestnut, Chili and Bacon Soup

As per the description, this is a Spanish country soup made with chestnuts, chili, potatoes and garlic served hot with bacon bits and garlic bread. I have loved the first soup I tried and I liked this one equally well. I love for a fact that their soups are always piping hot and believe me, not every place emphasizes on this small detail. The taste of the soup was rich and it did not come across too spicy as well. Very appetizing to start any meal with.

Next up I chose a dish which I felt represents Mediterranean cuisine better - Medallions of Pork Roussillon, which comprised of prime medallions of pork in a wine, apple and brandy sauce.

I've always had impressions that it is very tough to master pork dishes, particularly in ensuring that the porky smell will not be present, it is well-marinated and above all, prepared in an appropriate method that will bring out the best in the pork and not leaving it too dry. Having sampled this version, I must say the meat was not only tender and did not smell porky, the sauce was unique and somehow went well with the pork. I suppose if anyone was not told that this was pork, they might have a hard time guessing what meat it was. The main courses all come with Agua's own Gratin Dauphinoise potatoes, which is the French method of baking potatoes in milk, cream and cheese. They were beautiful, and so were t
he side of French Beans with bacon and garlic, which, put together, completed the whole meaty affair perfectly.

Hubby who ordered off the
À la carte menu chose to sample their Sticky Spanish Ribs (RM 36.90)

As the name of the dish suggests, this is a sticky version of pork ribs compared to the usual affair we are used to. Having said that, sticky did not mean the ribs were dry though, as it did not taste dry, but rather a neutral taste - not too sweet neither salty. Hubby commented that this was like having 'char siew' ala Western style - which I find was quite apt :) The portions of the salad was so generous that it took both of us to finish most of them; and the Rosemary potatoes were nicely baked and flavorful too.

Last but not least, I chose the dessert of Spanish Bread and Butter Pudding, simply because it is my favorite dessert of all times! And also the fact that I wanted to see if the Spanish version offered anything different.

My eyes literally lit when this arrived at our table and tasting the first spoonful proved this dessert to be an equally good one compared to its non-Spanish counterparts. The only difference I could tell were the hints of alcohol and non-existence of raisins. Nevertheless, I still felt totally satisfied with this Spanish version of my favorite dessert no less.

While my dessert was being served, the owner of Agua actually served us complimentary Orange Liquors and we were definitely surprised with the festive gesture while we usher into the new year 2012.

One thing I would really want to mention was the customer-orientated service and attentiveness of the staff. When I made my reservation and requested for a soft copy of their dinner menu, the staff not only took down my email, he also called back a few times (missed his call twice) just to inform that he had sent it and if I had received it. During our dinner, we also received attentive and friendly service as well, not to mention the owner and staff thanked us and bid us goodbye, despite having most of the tables filled up.

Definitely a place I'll be coming back for more!


  1. Would go back one of these days for another try on what they could offer after reading your positive experience. Our previous visit was quite a disappointment on food and service by their manager.

  2. Thanks Jason, hopefully you will find the food worthwhile after giving a second chance.

  3. Hi Jason, I think you should give it another try, as there has been a world of improvement and the period where things were not running well was in the beginning of last year I feel. My personal favourites are the Bar Tapas and cool glass of Sangria! Its one of the best Sangria's I've tasted. And though the desserts are not displayed..they are really out of this world! Hope you enjoy your next visit!

  4. Yes, I agree with Viv. The last round I visited for the first time with 2 of my friends, we all agreed that their dessert was really good and the little touches they put in were nice too.