July 10, 2009

Famous Penang Beef Soup Kuey Teow @ Sri Weld Food Court

It's been a while since I stepped foot at Sri Weld Food Court.

Someone craved for the beef soup kuey teow here as he had lapsed it for a long time.

So off we went for lunch and we were both very satisfied indeed.

I always had my beef noodle with only the meat and the meatballs, nothing else. But he had it 'all-in'.

As we were very hungry, I spared him the irony of having to wait for me to snap a pic of his bowl, so, no pic yeah :P

This was my bowl of
Beef Soup Kuey Teow (RM 6)

What can I say? The kuey teow was smooth, the meat and meatballs springy, soup base was just awesome and flavourful.

One thing I felt that the one near Fire Station beat them was the taste of the meatballs. I must go back and try properly for better comparison :P


  1. Very nice! I must try next time I'm in Penang. :)

  2. Do you know that at night, this stall is operating at Sg. nibong area?

  3. allie : I didn't know that, thanks for the info :) whereabouts do they sell at Sg. Nibong at night?

  4. Where do they sell this? I also want to try :)

  5. carlovfrimily : This is a stall named 'Famous Pennah Beef Soup Kuey Teow' within Sri Weld Food Court located along Beach Street, near HSBC bank.