July 12, 2009

Hameediyah Restaurant @ Campbell Street

Hameediyah restaurant holds a very strong place within the 'Wee' family - it's one of my dad's favourite places to makan and since young my dad used to bring us here for dinner, and we'd have Murtabak with Curry Kapitan Chicken and their signature bawang (onions); ais manis - and there's our meal.

My uncle Hooi and cousin Dennis never miss this place whenever they come to visit - so just imagine how far up the scale this place is within us :)

The place will forever be packed with people and securing a seat had never been an easy chore. Back then, there used to be one shoplot only with a very long table downstairs and upstairs where there is air-conditioning. But we'd always sit downstairs - probably for the 'authentic' feel of it :)

I remember I used to be mesmerised by the murtabak-maker on his speedy-and-super-efficient-hands from oiling the pan, spreading the dough, breaking eggs, scraping the ingredients off containers, mixing them up in a cup, pouring them onto the pan, frying the murtabak up to cutting them up before placing them onto plates. Very impressive.

Fast-forward 10-odd years and Hameediyah has now occupied 3 shoplots - one being an extension of the old one; and another located 2-3 shoplots away - the Tandoori House

We initially wanted to have the beef soup noodle opposite the Fire Station but being a Penang holiday, it was not open. KW suddenly thought of Hameediyah and so off we went to Campbell Street!

The last time we patronised this place - we had Murtabak and something else that's not on their menu - Kambing Goreng (my friend Amir highly recommended) and it was pretty good to my standards.

This round, we had...

Murtabak Mutton

My must-order - murtabak kambing! It never disappoints - just one complaint on the murtabak skin being slightly too thick this round


Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY should take their Hameediyah Murtabak without its signature onions ok! It's just so WRONGGGGG... coz their bawangs are damn good!

Nasi Briyani

Nasi Briyani was not oily at all and was very fragrant with herbs and spices - no wonder it's on every table and every take-away!

Chicken Briyani

I've learnt over the years that the Curry Kapitan Chicken's kuah is always oilier and thicker; and the distinct difference lies in the chicken - the chicken is fairly hard especially on the skin as they're being fried prior to cooking in the curry.

As for Chicken Briyani, it is extremely tender and juicy; and the kuah being much more dilute yet not so oily - that's why our family too have kinda 'switched' to opting for this type whenever we take-away.

Mutton - 2 pieces

Though the meat was tender, the kuah was just ordinary - maybe because I never specified which particular type of 'kambing' I wanted - I should have ordered Kurma instead since I like it cooked that way. Well, definitely no match compared to Kambing Goreng of course.


Very nice and crunchy papadums to complement our meal

Half-way through our meal, KW suddenly asked 'do they have papadums?' So I said 'they should have, all mamaks do what' And off he went to ask for some - and came back with more than a handful of 'em! I was like 'Why'd you ask so much for?' 'It's ok - we can finish - and did you know how huge the tin can is? It's filled with papadums - there were pleeennntyyyyyyyyyyyy!'

Our meal cost us RM 19.60 (inslusive of drinks) - well..... to us, it's not too expensive and we wouldn't say it's cheap either. For a satisfying meal as such we still thought it was OK :D


  1. The Murtabak Mutton looks good...would like to drop in to check out the food.

  2. I heard this place very expensive one wor.. hehe

  3. ck lam : yes it is good.. i should've taken a shot after it's being sliced open
    cariso : they dare not kut! I was like a 'pro' when I stepped inside the place.. :P
    allie : actually I received the forwarded email on how they over-charged a big group of people too but our meal wasn't overly expensive, and we really love the food :)

  4. The mutton murtabak look so delicious.