May 31, 2011

Weissbräu German Bar & Bistro's new menu launch

Hubby and I had the honor being on the list of invitees to attend Weissbräu's new menu launch on 20th May.

I was a bit wary at first, credited to the fact that there was a smart casual dress code and we were informed that there would be 2 groups attending the event - bloggers and press media. But the event turned out exactly how Weissbräu's owner Wayne wanted it to be - a casual hang out setting while we sample the arrays of marvelous creations in their new menu, accompanied by top-notch entertainment.

The night turned out to be a high energy one as the Mad Sally band from KL brought the atmosphere to its heights with their all-men 'mat salleh' line up (not to mention they're good-looking too! *whistle*), delivering great tunes one after another, including Leehom's infamous 唯一爱的就是你

Check out Weissbräu's new menu which is packed with informative pictures and easy to navigate too:-

Great entertainment aside - the main highlight of the night was none other than the hearty new menu line up created by the Executive Chef Pascal Schnyder as a buffet spread for the enjoyment of the guests, which really is a plus point in creating a laid back atmosphere.

Showdown of the array of culinary delights for the night, which comprised of items from the new menu:-

Mixed Salad

Porcini Mushroom Soup
(My pic of the soup was too blur hence unable to showcase it here)

Main courses:-
Right : Bavarian Bacon & Cheese Burger; Swiss Mushroom and Cheese Burger; Frankfurt Meister Burger
Left : Caprese Schnitzel

BBQ Pork Ribs
(top) & Country Style Rosemary Pork Ribs (bottom)

Mixed Sausages

Crispy German Pork Knuckle

Apple Strudel

Chocolate Mousse; Merry Pear


I finally found a serious problem at
Weissbräu... that is the fact that there are no food which are not good that night! I kid you not... The Porcini Mushroom Soup was thick and with visible mushroom chunks, though served in a huge pot and kept being refilled, it was still hot; the salad were all giving us different flavors with the freshest of ingredients; all the mains were flawless! The desserts were so refined in its presentation like pieces of art that are pleasant to the mouth at the same time. The apple strudel lived up to its promise of being warm and melted immediately in my mouth!

I would anticipate the food to be cold and probably quality compromised since they were made in bulk to satisfy the crowd, some of its tastes to run off because of the wind and being out there for a long time... but none of the above symptoms even crept up a little. Just because some of the dishes were prepared a day before and only cooked prior to the event to ensure every bit of its food preserves its quality. This is really a feat that not many can achieve, given the fact of the complexity and the time required to prepare the dishes.

Kudos to everyone at
Weissbräu for the great food, great service!

As anyone can tell, I had a blast! :D

Thanks to Wayne, Jason and Gill once again...

great hearty food to warm our stomach, great performance to feast our eyes and ears, and definitely great company to fill our hearts

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