April 2, 2015

Soul Cafe @ Jalan Kek Chuan

We chose Soul Cafe as a new place to celebrate my dear God Sister's birthday and it was a pleasant experience indeed.

As we brought our daughter along, it did not turn out to be the usual dine-in-pleasure kind of ordeal, but instead it turned out to be pretty chaotic.... (more about that later).

I fancied the ambiance and feel that Soul Cafe strives to achieve - modern yet contemporary, and pretty cozy too I must say.

As it was our first visit, we sought after the opinion of the staff, and was recommended their Today's Special - Chicken Parmigiana as well as some of their signatures Grilled Lamb Rack and Croque Madame - for my daughter.

They have a pretty unique menu - consisting of a photo-book-like collage which I absolutely adore! It is such a brilliant idea for restaurants to have a photo of each of their menu items isn't it? So I had an even more brilliant idea to put the actual picture of the dish alongside with its photo counterpart (just for fun, anyway); but it turned out that the dishes served looked 80% alike to those showcased in the menu. This, to me, says a lot about the standard of this cafe - serving as per 'advertised'

Let's dig in to their dishes - shall we?

First up - Chicken Parmigiana (RM 16.90) that both my God Sis and hubby ordered:- 

This was pretty good - although the chicken was bread-crumbed, it was not overly thick and it allowed the chicken's flavor to shine. Topped with cheese and served with grilled asparagus with generous side of salad, this dish really stood out.

Next up was my Grilled Rack of Lamb with Rosemary Cream Sauce (RM 34.90):-

Being a huge fan or grilled lamb, this dish did not impress me by the looks, but I was glad that the taste proved me wrong. The lamb did not have any hint of smell which most people shun upon; yet it was grilled to the right texture and intensely infused with the flavors of herbs. What do you get when this is topped with Rosemary cream sauce? A simply outstanding lamb rack. 

Another thing that is worth mentioning is the side salad - I love the vinaigrette dressing that they served the salads with - it is refreshing and not overly sour - just right to my palate.

Last but not least, my daughter's Croque Madame (RM 15):-

This tasted fine but the English Muffin and streaky bacon were both a bit too hard to our liking. It would have been better if the muffin were to be softer and the bacon cooked just right. Having said that, I got to give credit to the poached egg which was done to perfection - runny yolk in all its glory.

I would have enjoyed the remaining of this dish if my daughter had not vomited half way through our meal :P Thanks to the kind staff, they efficiently cleaned up and kept telling us it's alright when we apologized profusely.  

In all, we enjoyed the ambience, the food quality and portion plus the friendly staffs. I would definitely come back for more. Parking is a bit tricky here considering that there are no available car park unless we park further and walk to the cafe.

Soul Cafe
12, Jalan Kek Chuan, Georgetown, Penang.
Opening hours: 11am-11pm Mon-Sat (CLOSED ON SUNDAYS)
04-226 8200

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